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Service Manual >1988-1994 FourTrax 300 (TRX 300, TRX 300 FW)

Service Manual >1993-2000 TRX 300EX

Service Manual >1995-2000 Honda TRX300 (TRX 300), TRX300FW Fourtrax ATV

Service Manual >2001-2006 TRX 300EX, TRX300 EX

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Dirt or dust buildup on the brake pads and disc is the most common cause of brake noise (squeal caused by vibration). If cleaning does not reduce the occurrence of brake noise, Permatext Disc Brake Quiet can be applied to the back of the pads. Follow directions on the package. This will keep pads in contact with caliper piston(s) to reduce the chance of squeaks caused by dirt or dust.

Brakes Squeal

Dirty/contaminated friction pads
Improper alignment
Worn disc
Worn disc splines

Poor Brake Performance

Air in system
Water in system (brake fluid contaminated)
Caliper/disc misaligned
Caliper dirty or damaged
Brake line damaged or lining ruptured
Worn disc and/or friction pads
Incorrectly adjusted lever
Incorrectly adjusted stationary pad
Worn or damagedmaster cylinder or components
Improper clearance between lever and switch

Lever Vibration

Disc damaged
Disc worn (runout or thickness variance exceeds service limit)

Caliper Overheats (Brakes Drag)

Compensating port plugged
Pad clearance set incorrectly
Auxiliary brake pedal incorrectly adjusted
Brake lever or pedal binding or unable to return fully
Parking brake left on
Residue build up under caliper seals
Operator riding brakes

Brakes Lock

Alignment of caliper to disc

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